Feel the difference

TrimX is the first wearable training technology dedicated to target the refractory fat areas of your body. It’s your new workout gear. TrimX is an easy to use wearable body contouring technology that allows you to take full control of your fat reducing initiatives. You decide where it takes place! Both Men and Women can now trim away refractory fat by preferably targeting body areas they wish to work on.

What is TRIMX ?

Your TrimX is a patented medical device that allows you to select where you want to trigger the lipolysis process which is your body’s natural process of fat burning during or after exercise.

TrimX is the first clinically proven device and approved by the Heath Canada Agency for Targeted Fat Loss.

TrimX can be installed in less than 1 minute and activated manually or via your wireless device. It is your ideal training companion and allows you to keep track of your and others trimming experience via the TrimX community through our TrimX App.

How to install TRIMX ?

Trims can be installed in less than a minute! Just follow the 10 steps Quick guide and start sculpting your body!

  1. Before the first Use, Take your TrimX kit out of the box

  2. Read your User Guide

  3. Charge the battery (6 hrs before the 1st time)

  4. Put on & adjust the belt – if required (see Guide)

  5. Clip your TrimX on the belt, shorts or pants

  6. Select the areas you wish to target

  7. Apply the gel pads (remove the protective layer)

  8. Select and connect the wires

  9. Adjust the wires (use the belt loops if needed)

  10. Activate your TrimX and start training

Easy set-up

The TrimX package includes…


TrimX Stimulator

2 Re-usable gel pads

2 Sets of connecting wires

Adjustable belt

Protective case

Charger and USB Cable

Carrying bag

For optimal results

  • TrimX should be used during or after training while your metabolism is still burning fat. Otherwise the released fats will be metabolized again.

  • Use TrimX 2 to 3 times a week over a period of 10 to 12 weeks.

  • Each workout MUST include a minimum of 20-30 minutes of optimum oxygen uptake – 50% to 65% of your VO2 Max.

  • Consult the American Medical Association site to calculate your VO2Max