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Electric stimulator for cosmetic use with a rechargeable battery.
Easy to use, TrimX is the ONLY commercially available device that enables fat loss on targeted areas of your body. TrimX is light, portable, compact, and carefully developed to incorporate the Adipotronics™ technology.
The trim is a unique device that produces an electrical stimulation that activates lipolysis (releasing fat from fat cells) on targeted areas of your body.
TrimX generates an electric stimulation responsible for activating targeted lipolysis (release of fat from fat cells). The device is rechargeable and may take 2-3 hours to fully charge.
The device is equipped with a Bluetooth pairing technology for 1) monitoring your data for statistical tracking, or 2) sharing or comparing results with other users on the TrimX Community. The device is also equipped with a belt “clip” that facilitates fixing the device on your training shorts/pants or belt prior to use. The device has 2 connecting outlets, each located on opposite sides for connection to the gel pads using the connecting wires.

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Box Content
• 1 Trim stimulator with quick attach (clip)
• Adjustable neoprene/polyester/Nylon Belt
• 1 Pair of reusable bipolar self-adhesive electrodes (designed for 15-20 uses)
• 2 sets of electrode connecting wires (short and long)
• 1 protective case
• 1 charger with USB cable
• 1 Carrying bag
• 1 instruction manual
• Quick Guide 10 steps

Current characteristic
• 2 Independent channels
• Current: Bi-Polar
• Stimulation Current/channel: 6mA
• Pulse frequency: 1 Hz (500ms ON/OFF)
• Maximum output Amplitude: 47V

Internal Battery
• Rechargeable lithium ion battery
• 3.7 volt
• 730 mAh
• Charging time max 2 hrs
• Charge duration 4 hrs +
• Useful life of 1000 hours

Other features
• Patent issued Canada, USA, Europe
• Approved by Health Canada-class II medical device
• Integrated Bluetooth Technology
• Meets the standards
o IEC 60601-1;
o IEC 60601-1-2;
o IEC 60601-1-6;
o IEC60601-2-10;
o CSA22.2

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