Re-Usable gel pad electrodes


The adhesive gel pads are equipped with 8” wires and are butterfly shaped. Due to their bipolar design the gel pads enable local stimulation where the gel pads are applied, unlike Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) where two (2) distinct gel pads are required for the current to be delivered between them. The butterfly-shaped gel pads can be placed on areas of your body where fat layers are sufficient to trigger lipolysis (release of fat from fat cells). For best results, users should apply the gel pads on the most refractory areas, such as “saddlebags”, “belly”, or “love handles”.



• Number per pack: 2
• Format: Butterfly/Bipolar
• Size: 11 x 15 cm
• Connecting wire: 20 cm
• Number of uses: approximately 15-20
• Health Canada, FDA, CE Certified


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