The science behind TRIMX

Your body uses energy during and after physical activity. After a few minutes of training – your energy requirements are secured from fat layers around your body. The natural phenomenon of releasing fatty-acids from the fat cells to be used as energy is called lipolysis. Over time, certain areas of your body stop responding to the natural process (see refractory areas) and your body will start securing its energy requirements from other areas of your body where you may NOT want to lose fat.

TrimX has been developed to trigger the natural lipolytic process from local areas using a low-level transcutaneous electrical current. Using TrimX before, during or after exercise allows you to activate lipolytic activity in the areas where transcutaneous electrical stimulation is applied.

The technology TRIMX ?

The TrimX device uses a unique technology developed over more than 12 years by a multi-disciplinary group of researchers. It is the first ever regulatory approved EFS (Electric Fat Stimulation) device. It uses a low intensity electrical current that was tested and optimized to deliver the best results. The device is equipped with a long lasting re-chargeable battery.

TrimX, developed and clinically tested by LUMA Life allows for targeting areas of desired fat burn by activating natural lipolysis on demand. The TrimX technology activates lipolysis by releasing a low transcutaneous electric current through the skin via adhesive gel pads (electrodes) placed by the user on the targeted areas. The transcutaneous electrostimulation increases the release of fatty acids from the adipocytes (fat cells) so that the fatty acids released into the blood (lipolysis) are then available for use as energy for physical activity. For that reason, TrimX must be used while exercising or soon after. TrimX induces lipolysis as soon as you activate your device, as opposed to the natural processes which requires a minimum of 15-20 minutes as described earlier.

Naturally activated lipolysis

WITHOUT electrical stimulation, naturally activated lipolysis (use of accumulated fats) only begins after 15-20 minutes of sustained physical activity. Once you start exercising, your body will be seeking for energy which will trigger release of glycogen (energy) first from your muscle (reserve A), than from the circulating blood (reserve B). Once these 2 energy-reserves are exhausted (typically 15-20 minutes) your body will be seeking energy from fat reserves. The natural lipolysis will be activated. Because our body cannot self-regulate areas where it will burn fat, it uses the most readily available fat when seeking energy. As we get older, we develop refractory areas that no longer react to the natural lipolysis process. The body therefore solicits areas where fat loss is not desired, such as the neck, or the face.

Refractory fat

Over time refractory areas of your body (below and above the waist) stop responding to natural lipolysis.
For that reason, we stop losing fat in these areas, even when training on a regular basis. TrimX allows you to restore the lipolytic process in these areas. You can finally achieve your body trimming objectives with TrimX.


Reduce fat not fat cells

Gaining weight, or fat means that your fat cells are getting bigger, and fat keeps accumulating in your fat cells. To reduce fat layers – you must get the fat out (burn the fat) using lipolysis. Reducing the number of fat cells by using clinical methods will NOT reduce the fat but instead reduce the NUMBER of your fat cells. It is scientifically proven that over time your body will restore the number of fat cells and possible above the initial level. Eliminating fat via the natural process of lipolysis is the ONLY way to reduce the thickness of your fat layers. (see refractory fat)

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Clinically proven

TrimX was tested for efficacy in several clinical trials. Results of the last trial conducted under the supervision of James A. Hodgdon, Ph.D., FACSM from Naval Institute of San Diego, are summarized below.


  • Groups: 2, with-trim and without-trim

  • Number of participants: 30 stimulated volunteers vs. 34 non-stimulated

  • Stimulated areas: thighs and belly

  • Training frequency: 3x/week

  • Duration: 10 weeks

TrimX is effective to induce targeted fat loss when used during exercise and not to increase global fat loss


  • Equal weight loss between the two groups

  • Total fat loss equal between the 2 groups

  • TrimX Efficiency – 466% (9.3% vs. 2.0%)

  • The group with TrimX (stimulated) uses targeted fat preferentially over other areas.

  • The non-stimulated group lost fat more easily on non-refractory areas (non-targeted)