Health Canada

The ONLY medical device
approved for targeted fat loss

Wearable, light
and compact

Can be installed
in less than 30 seconds

Patented Technology

More than 10 years
of university and clinical research

and woman

Non-gender specific,
works for men and woman

Trimx Technology

TrimX is a trans-cutaneous stimulator for activating lipolysis locally during exercise. Lightweight, wearable, compact and carefully developed to integrate the AdipotronicsTM technology. The AdipotronicsTM technology is patented, scientifically and clinically proven for targeted loss of body fat. Technology is a safe and non-invasive method for inducing fat loss (“Lipolysis”) from the most refractory areas of your body.

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Easy set-up

Why use Trimx ?

Because TrimX works on
fat spots that YOU select!

Because YOU want to
select where to lose fat

Because you want
to stay in control
of your looks

Because quick and expensive
clinical procedures
are proven not to last!

Trimx App

  • Allows you to download data related to the use of TrimX during your workouts

  • Allows statistical monitoring of your results

  • Share / compare your results with the TRIMX community

Available on the TrimX PLUS version only
(commercial launch planned for summer 2019)


Following tests conducted on more than 100 volunteers, results of 4 clinical studies confirm that:

  • TrimX increases TARGETED fat loss by 466% (calculated using ultrasound)

  • TrimX allows to effectively target specific areas

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